Your Authentic Voice

Many people these days have something to say—books, sermons and speeches about the really good news all around us.  These people refuse to succumb to the gloom and doom forecasters, but instead rise to a higher calling.  These are the people I want to serve, to nurture and support.

In my extensive career as a singer, actor, voice teacher, and coach, I encounter people with significant gifts who struggle to get beyond the memory of a second grade teacher’s disapproval, a punishing parent’s admonishment.  These gifts need to be expressed and I can help.

It is my strongest desire to take the work I do as a performance coach and spiritual practitioner and inspire the people who really want to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.  I have the unique combination of talents and skills that enable me to approach clients from a variety of angles.

My philosophy:  Any form of public expression is theatre.  That is how I approach presentation, regardless of the forum or presenter.  All is sacred; all is theatre.  Look objectively at a great sermon or talk you’ve heard versus one that was forgettable.  It is the speaker with authenticity whom we remember.  The speaker who has an earnest desire to intimately connect to his or her audience unlocks the secret to his or her success.  Psychic or scholar;  people will listen if you have something to say.

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